Copyright Considerations For Web Hosts

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It is apparent that a majority of problems on the Internet generally relate to the web content. As a web hosting provider, it is imperative to protect one's company from copyright and trademark infringement. Web Hosts usually face copyright issue as an absolute minefield. Though the law fairly depicts the responsibilities for web hosts, but when it comes to the removal of allegedly infringing materials, the responsibilities appear extremely unclear to be met. On top of it, much to one's dismay, copyright complaints represent an array of challenges unique in their respective field of abuse. These challenges not only correspond to meeting the requirements of the law, but also in making the process as restructured as possible whilst also avoiding disturbed customers.

Copyright issues can become a serious problem for web hosts, until not a considerate thought out plan is worked out to tackle these issues to avoid loss of time, money and customers, maybe by also doing little to keep copyright holders happy. Basically, a simple and efficient system to quickly process the complaints and handle them such that the customers also ease down should be developed.

The copyright website owners own the content they create under the general principles of copyright law, which grants the author, "an exclusive right to copy and reproduce that work". The copyright law applies to the written word, music, drama, art, sculpture or any other form of creative expression, fixed in a tangible means of expression. The web world is easily prone to conflicts on copyright, as the technology makes it very easy to copy and download content by web users, and then republish it as a new article. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act has created a safe haven for web hosts who can follow a particular process to respond to notices from copyright holders alleging copyright infringement from content on a client's website. The web hosts are then also required to suspend the client's website or resurrect it. As long as the web host follows the specific requirements of the law, he is not liable even if determined by a court as violating another party's copyright.

These days major web hosts have a form to fill up when someone wants to complaint against their customers which would ask for all the information related to the copied content following which a copy is sent to the customer who has done this. Next they will have to remove the content within a specified time frame or the website would be suspended.
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Copyright Considerations For Web Hosts

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This article was published on 2011/01/29